Monday, May 8, 2017

How time flies!

Tommorow, can not believe that Qing and I are already "Married" 9 years to date.
Really? It seems like only a couple years have passed. Yesterday (May 7th) it was nine years that we have seen each other Face to Face at Pudong Airport the very first time.
Some might notice the fact, that we met May 7th and married May 9th already...right? Well, to us of course it is not like we didn't really known one- another. It is quite the opposite between us!
Having had six (6) months over the Internet, we were able to get to know each other pretty well. So well; that marriage was certain, with only the date up in the air.
I had eleven days on my first Trip to see when we decide to tie the knot. Hence the second day in Shanghai was the only day it rained, we took/picked this day to go all prepared with the paper work necessary to the Shanghai Registry and made it official on May 9th 2008.
Now, on to continue enjoying one-another for years to come!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A special Post today!

By special, I really mean Special!

This is something that I have kept to myself for years now, thought today is as good as any to bring it up on my Blog.

As I can imagine that many if not all believe in "Coincidences" going through Life? I myself have experienced many "unusual" stuff/situations throughout my life time to say the least. None however compare to the ones I like to talk about today.

First off; I like to meantion that after my late Wife (Nancy) passed away, many Family members felt (some had told me firmly) that I should never ever get married again. It would be disrepectful to this after we've been married twenty-nine years and together exactly thirty. I was 54 at that time and believe me, never even thought about it either. Until my life took a turn to the "right" and I wasn't going to steer "left" even though in the driver seat.

Anyways, this is for my Book to explain in detail.

Here, I am now writing how I now still believe in certain "Coincidences", but I have to say some go way past these and did make me a strong believer that our life is somewhat planned ahead by a higher sorce!

I will let you all in on two (I do have more, for some other time)instances that "ARE" proof of this actually happening. You can judge for yourselves!

 First one: In 1973 when I came to California from New York, I opened a Checking Account at BofA and later when they first came out with a "Versatel/Debit Card" the bank also gives you a random four number "Pin" to use at the ATM for transactions.

This is where first I realized (after I got married to Qing), that these numbers had a lot more meaning than just for use on ATM's. 
My Pin was....(5930)!
Might not say much of anything for my readers, but here is what it means to me.
Let me break it down: 5 (May) 9 (the day and month I married Qing in Shanghai in 2008)!
30 was exactly 30 years after I had married "Nancy" (5-6-78) not exactly to the day, but isn't the # 6 the only number you can turn and make it a #9? So, the one they had given me showed back in the 70's already that I was to marry again after 30 years and on May 9th...strange isn't it?

Second one goes even one step further!

That one came to me from something we all have on our Cars... a License Plate!

One day after placing a new Registration Tag on my 2003 Highlander (plate came with car in 2002), I noticed something that almost left me speechless at the time.

Plate ID....5AWM957 !

Again, looks like an ordinary Lic. plate...right?

Far from that! Not when 57 means when Qing and I first met Face to Face at Shanghai's Pudong Airport on May 7th 2008.
So what does the 59 mean? Well, that just happens to be the date (May 9th )that Qing and I got married at the Shanghai Registry.

To make it even more interesting, get this!

I explained the meaning of the numbers, let's take a look at the letters too.
AWM.  This is a Lic. plate telling me in 2002 already that... A=Arnold--W=Will--M=Marry...on May 9th...5AWM9**! 

So, please tell me what you think or believe if our life's are in fact fore-seen and all we do is follow?

PS: I have many more that would make anybody agree, coincidences are one thing, but sometimes there is much more to them.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A nice Sunday outing!

Hence yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day after a couple days of Rain, I desided to take Qing, her Son and my In-Laws on a Road trip to Pomona Fairplex.
Before I continue with that trip, let me say something I have not meantioned here yet. The fact that since November last year, Qing's parents are living with us. They are now Green Card holders here and as of now seem to have adjusted quite well, even though both of them are in their 70's. Being None-English speaking, had us worried a lot! Even a simple thing ( well to us anyway) as eating american food, also brought on so doubt if they will adjust this way.
Turns out, the language isn't much of a problem and the food part, well... guess we fixed that by eating almost 90% chinese dishes now. No...not at all a problem with me, I love chinese food and especailly coming from great chef's like Qing and her dad. 
So, back to yesterdays trip.
Before leaving, I did not tell them where we're going and what we will see. I was somewhat afraid if I tell them, they would say no, hence it was an hour and a half drive from our home.
Arriving at our destination and ready to park the Car, I received the first surprise. They ask for $10 parking Fee! When in fact on the Internet it had said Parking and Park are "FREE"! I think Free doesn't mean $10 or does it?
Well, guess this is smart on their part! Having people come from a distance, now... who's coming from far would actually say "NO" to them and head back home?
Sneaky way to lighten your wallet...I say!!!
After squeezing a "10" from me, time to see what we came for.
I had come to let them see... the "Fairplex Garden Trains"! Something that only runs on every second Sunday of each month, another reason not to go back home and cry over $10...haha!
What a wonderful place it is, where Volunteer's come every months and run "Their" Trains for the Public. Not only that, but the miniature scales of the surrounding areas the Train are operating through are so wonderfully done to scale...amazing!
Attached are some photo's! Hope it will inspire some who live within the area to please make a visit this Park (especially if you have children), you enjoy/love it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 has been a while!

It certainly has been a while and I'm somewhat surprised I actually still remembered how to get here...haha.

Well, found my way back and I will kick start my Blog in a few days. There is certainly much to talk about and a lot has happened since the last time I was here.

So, have patience!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 8th is approaching fast....

.... ahhhh, August 8th is of course a "Special" day for Qing and I.

Who would have guessed that a Couple actually gets Married after seeing each other only two day's face to face and still (after now 8 years plus) be still together? Leave alone, even have a greatest bond as on any other time in this relationship.

Anyhow, this year just adds one more "8" to our already wedding day of  08-08-08 and now our 8th Anniversary... and what wonderful years it has been with my Sweetheart! Priceless!!!

Friday, June 10, 2016's never too long to remember!

In my Life it is certainly true.

As we are in the month of June, I remembered back in time...10 years to be exact! Time does go by pretty fast as we are getting older, so what I was reminded of... was the fact that "Nancy" had received that awful Phone call from her Doctor telling her/us that the Cancer Test was positive.

A moment that is frozen in my Heart to this day no doubt. 10 years have gone by already, which just goes to show... how short life really is.

Also, how lucky I am to be blessed again and can enjoy my remaining years to the fullest with my LaoPo now. To receive two great Life-Partners (Wife's) from above... it is priceless and in no way will I ever take it for granted.

Of course I had to endure great pain losing a Sweetheart that Nancy was, but the "Love" we shared is still with me and always will. So does the pain she went through the last six months, as my now half finished book clearly points out in great detail.

My thoughts are always with you... Sweety! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

.... it's a little Drive each day, but....

That's right, a little drive through the Mountains.

@ Kenny; yes, Qing enjoys her new Job very much so!

Hence we live in Palmdale and her job is in Pasadena, anybody knows the LA area... knows that this is quite a commute each working day. Well, Job's don't grow on tree's anymore and it seems 100's are applying for each available... you do what is necessary.

Besides, it isn't that bad at all. Qing doesn't mind getting up one hour earlier and for me it is pretty much the same in the mornings. The only difference now is... that I had to change "My" work hours, which are now actually two hours less each day Qing works. The other side of the coin though, I drive now (no use taking 2 cars) about 148 miles each working day instead of ONLY 88 miles..haha.

See, I take her to Pasadena and I go to my work from there and wise-versa in the afternoon. So far we do not mind at all, we are together more time now and neither of us complains one bit having that luxury.

So, if anyone happens to see a loving&smiling couple going down the road... it's us!