Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 8th is approaching fast....

.... ahhhh, August 8th is of course a "Special" day for Qing and I.

Who would have guessed that a Couple actually gets Married after seeing each other only two day's face to face and still (after now 8 years plus) be still together? Leave alone, even have a greatest bond as on any other time in this relationship.

Anyhow, this year just adds one more "8" to our already wedding day of  08-08-08 and now our 8th Anniversary... and what wonderful years it has been with my Sweetheart! Priceless!!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

...it's never too long to remember!

In my Life it is certainly true.

As we are in the month of June, I remembered back in time...10 years to be exact! Time does go by pretty fast as we are getting older, so what I was reminded of... was the fact that "Nancy" had received that awful Phone call from her Doctor telling her/us that the Cancer Test was positive.

A moment that is frozen in my Heart to this day no doubt. 10 years have gone by already, which just goes to show... how short life really is.

Also, how lucky I am to be blessed again and can enjoy my remaining years to the fullest with my LaoPo now. To receive two great Life-Partners (Wife's) from above... it is priceless and in no way will I ever take it for granted.

Of course I had to endure great pain losing a Sweetheart that Nancy was, but the "Love" we shared is still with me and always will. So does the pain she went through the last six months, as my now half finished book clearly points out in great detail.

My thoughts are always with you... Sweety! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

.... it's a little Drive each day, but....

That's right, a little drive through the Mountains.

@ Kenny; yes, Qing enjoys her new Job very much so!

Hence we live in Palmdale and her job is in Pasadena, anybody knows the LA area... knows that this is quite a commute each working day. Well, Job's don't grow on tree's anymore and it seems 100's are applying for each available... you do what is necessary.

Besides, it isn't that bad at all. Qing doesn't mind getting up one hour earlier and for me it is pretty much the same in the mornings. The only difference now is... that I had to change "My" work hours, which are now actually two hours less each day Qing works. The other side of the coin though, I drive now (no use taking 2 cars) about 148 miles each working day instead of ONLY 88 miles..haha.

See, I take her to Pasadena and I go to my work from there and wise-versa in the afternoon. So far we do not mind at all, we are together more time now and neither of us complains one bit having that luxury.

So, if anyone happens to see a loving&smiling couple going down the road... it's us!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Haha... I'm still here!

 Boy, it sure has been a long time being here to bark.

Been to busy being "HAPPY" with my LaoPo!

Also trying working on my Book, which is almost done with Chapter 6 now. Having a large screen TV now doesn't exactly help with writing..haha.

What is also worth mentioning, is that Qing now is "Certified" nationally not only for "Phebotomy" but for "Medical Assistant" too and is starting her Job in Pasadena soon. A place where her Mandarin is very useful, especially hence the Doctor is also Chinese and the People she met at the Interview are sooo nice.... she said!

So, she is of course very excided and eager to start. Don't blame her one bit, she's been studying so hard for a long time now. She really deserves it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This week has two (2) reasons for being special!

First "Special" day is tomorrow May 6th! As this would have been Nancy's and My 37th Anniversary. A date that I will never forget and always hold close to my Heart. It carries a lot of Memories between us both. Especially hence we mostly celebrated it every year in
Carmel/Monterey, where we had such wonderful time on a almost yearly Trip up the coast.

Second "Special" day is going to be on Saturday the May 9th.
This is when Qing and I will now celebrate our 7th Anniversary, having actually Married at the "Registry" in Shanghai. Our wedding ceremony was three (3) months later (August 8th 2008), thus giving us really two special days for us..haha.
We now make fun of the fact, that we survived the 7th year.. as many say that will be the toughest. To tell you the Truth, all the years have been like the ..1st--2nd-- ect. ect.! 
If there is a "Heaven on Earth".. I certainly find it in my Arms on a daily accord! 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Well.. after my last Post, I will keep my writing within my Blog's Title and nothing else.

As everyone can notice, I've cut way down on my Post's here. The biggest reason for this is Qing being so busy with her Medical Classes/State and National tests, that by me helping out more at home there is very little time for it.

I truly can not say enough about the effort she put's into this, now being more than a year and a half. What has me mostly surprised, is the fact that she has "Out-done" the majority of her (born here) class-mates. English being her third language, I find it amazing (as Huell Howser would say.. hehe) that out of over fifty (50) test's/assignment's she managed at least forty-five (45) with a score no less than a 100%.
What's even more amazing, is that she actually thinks she could have done better!

Away from all this, we are planning to take a break and visit Paso Robles (Minnie) and on the way back maybe Susan and David&Sandy also. We all need a long weekend away from all this hassle that's been going on lately.

I will make an effort to Post more, but I also do have to work on my Book. That actually is getting a great response from Friends, as I let them read the first four (4) chapters. Which is encouraging to continue on with it!

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Today was a day/date to remember (a day I will always carry in my heart), January 24th!

It now has been exactly 8 years since Nancy passed away. As I can never forget the many wonderful years I have spend with this great Wife, I of course went to the Gravesite to place some Flowers down. With each visit, it beaks my heart... seeing that I have only once seen somebody else put Flower by her side. I lift the Vase out from the Grave-marker and all I see is Spiderweb from not being used.
She was a devoted Mom to so many Children and Grand-Children (some living close by) and not seing some of them paying their Respect is hurtful in my Book. I can not believe it and the funny thing, Qing even less. She's always willing to go with me and pay her respect to a Woman she only heard about! I now have (and I quote) a most "Wonderful" Lao Po that some Men can only dream about.

Anyway, this we did today after we had Breakfast at the "Way Station" in Newhall.. one of our favorite Breakfast places.

To work off some of the Calories we consumed, we headed to Vasquez Rocks Park for some serious climbing to the very top of some of these beautiful rock formations. Something we definitely need to do again, but spending more time there.

Ps: To Nancy; Our wonderful time together will never fade or leave my Heart and we still to this day share a Kiss through the "Rose" that hangs in our Bedroom.