Monday, May 8, 2017

How time flies!

Tommorow, can not believe that Qing and I are already "Married" 9 years to date.
Really? It seems like only a couple years have passed. Yesterday (May 7th) it was nine years that we have seen each other Face to Face at Pudong Airport the very first time.
Some might notice the fact, that we met May 7th and married May 9th already...right? Well, to us of course it is not like we didn't really known one- another. It is quite the opposite between us!
Having had six (6) months over the Internet, we were able to get to know each other pretty well. So well; that marriage was certain, with only the date up in the air.
I had eleven days on my first Trip to see when we decide to tie the knot. Hence the second day in Shanghai was the only day it rained, we took/picked this day to go all prepared with the paper work necessary to the Shanghai Registry and made it official on May 9th 2008.
Now, on to continue enjoying one-another for years to come!


  1. happy annivesery to you both

  2. Thank you Kenny! Guess you yourself are having too much fun

  3. Well it has been over a year now, are you and Qing still among the living!